Ambitious but talentless

by Snowed In

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Recorded, mixed & mastered by Leifur Örn.
Album design by
Noise on track 3 by Hallmar Gauti from AAIIEENN
Guest vocals on track 4 by Hrafnkell Hugi from Rythmatik
Limited release of cassettes through Crisis Party Co. /50


released March 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Snowed In Akranes, Iceland

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Track Name: Friday Night and the Damage Done
The bars are all empty, at least the ones that will let us in
The streets are filled with drunk students,
shouting at passing cop cars,
throwing bottles on the road,
looking for a fight

Let's call up everyone we know
and gather up all the booze we can find
and drink 'til we're blind
Are your parents at home?

I feel it burning in my throat
My friends have all hit the road
Well, fuck them, don't they know
the night is not over?
Living clean is such a load

Lost track of the hours
Passed out in the shower
Well, I guess this is throwing up
Track Name: Hotel City
Will this construction ever end?
Will these iron cranes ever leave this horizon?
How many tourists do you need
to bring a country from the brink of bankruptcy?

Please give us all your cash
We'll keep you nice and warm
Hotel City was made for you
You don't wanna be outside in the oncoming storm

They'll lie and cheat to get their way
Their smiles might seem real nice,
but their lives give it away
And when their bank accounts are filled,
don't think they'll be so quick to let you in

Nanna's lost in the wilderness
It's all over the news
Hope you won't think any less of us
Have some free shark and booze

And if we all chip in, we can afford a bottle of tap water, and a room with a view of a construction site
Track Name: Mobius Double Reacharound Virus
When everything turns black and putrid,
every building rots to the ground,
we'll be screaming in our joy
for we are hellbound

We are two fools on a mountaintop
screaming at the stars
and if you ever feel like visiting them,
then just get in my car

We will jump the gun
We will surf to the sun
We'll have our way
But they don't know how to have fun
They just run, and they run

The windows burst, the doors fly open
How the noise fills up my ears
We've been living inside this house
for a million years

And I know Satan lives inside my room
At night I can hear his breath
So let's leave this place and pack our bags
before it leads us to our death

We'll sit on the brink
Cannot breathe, cannot blink
Refuse to think
All the pain and the rage
will mean nothing to us
in this new age
Yeah, you know that it's true
There is no one like you
except for me
Track Name: Crisis Party
In the small hours of the morning
I like to stare into the void
It makes the universe go quiet
Makes me fall into a daze
Makes me forget about this place
The sky invites me to get closer
but I can't get close enough
A thought occurs inside my head
One day all this will be dead
A scorched earth and a memory
We're just bacteria clinging to a tiny rock

Time will destroy us all
There's nothing much to say,
one day it will crumble beneath our feet
What an unremarkable feat

Tell me, what could make all this matter
What makes it worth it in the end
It almost feels like I'm getting smaller
A thousand suns could explode
and there's still nothing I would know
Nothing that could make us important
A weed in a jungle, another drop in the ocean

Admiring our own insignificance
Here's hoping the the world won't leave us behind

Falling, not too far, don't need them to catch me
Just hope that I don't land to roughly
Or don't land at all, there will be nothing to see
And you won't need to help me
Take a step back, I didn't ask you
Just kindly fuck off, and leave me behind
Track Name: Downtrodden, Lonesome, Bohemian, Lo-fi, Teenage, Existentialist Blues
There are girls chatting in the back
boys in the front who do nothing but slack
and I'm stuck here in the middle
writing songs that no one should ever hear
All I can think about is the past
and how the money from the job won't last
All hope gone down the drain
Lost all sense of direction and aim

And I want you, but I won't get you
If you want me, why don't you say so?
And I want you, now it's all over
and I just want to see your face again

It's same old doom and gloom
We talk as smoke fills up the room
Dreams are splattered on the walls
in all the colors of disappointment
I pick the paint chips off my wall
watch as my standards fall
I'm in love with my own apathy
so take it from me

I never had the guts to say
you wouldn't listen anyway
Track Name: Blue Lights in the Distance
Mom is worried that this town's getting dangerous
Well, that might be true, but they don't call it crime
And they might deny it, but it happens all the time
Small town heroes born to protect and serve,

or schoolyard bullies,
now given power,
and no oversight

This isn't liberty
This isn't justice
You're heaven sent
Above the law and above all judgement

We trusted you
Why would you do this to us?

I can't get over it, how could I?
You're supposed to help us, or was that another lie?
We stare in shock, and watch our rights die
So convinced that you are the good guys

Your heart's in the right place
so you need the credit
and firearms

Now your're on the internet
(Smile for the camera)
beating up the homeless
(Just doing your job)
You scoff at any remarks and say
"It's by the book"
We trusted you

Trigger happy cops
and violent protesters
will gather in the square
to breathe their hate into the air
and as the protest turns to riot
there'll be a man between the cops and crowd
and he'll scream at the top of his lungs: